Sunday, May 10, 2009

The Wealth and Walk of a Christ Follower: “God’s Amazing Purchase”

I remember when Karen and I purchased our first home. I was an Associate Pastor in Gresham, Oregon. A member of our church, who was a realtor, volunteered his services, refusing to take his realtor fees. I also received several donations of money from church members that allowed us to have the down payment we needed. We found a home in a great neighborhood that needed a lot of care but no major repairs. So we purchased our first home, which was a great place to raise children. That house was our home for ten years.

This was such a big purchase for us, and we could not have possibly done it without a realtor who donated his services and several people who gave us money to help. We could purchase food and clothing that our family needed, but a house--no way. We simply did not have the resources.

Large purchases, such as a house, are a big deal. Well, God made a purchase, a very large purchase that cost Him a great deal. In Ephesians, chapter one, it reads, “in Him we have redemption.” This word redemption was used when doing business in the slave trade. To redeem a slave was to purchase their freedom.

Did you know that you were a slave? Did you know that God had entered the slave market and purchased your freedom in Christ? That you have been set free? What an amazing gift, an amazing act of grace, a remarkable purchase.

Serving an amazing God,

Pastor Charlie

  • Blessing #1 – God chose us (who are in Christ) to be holy and blameless.
  • Blessing #2 – God planned in advance to adopt us (who are in Christ) as sons in His family.
  • Blessing #3 – Jesus purchased our freedom – redemption.[“redemption” - the act of releasing; buying back a slave or captive’s freedom; paying the ransom]
    • He sent away all our sins.
    • He wiped away God’s legal requirements.
  • Blessing # 4 – God made us the target of his grace (v. 6).
    • God’s grace is experienced in Christ.
    • God gives us His grace in overwhelming abundance (v. 8).
    • God’s grace given to us deserves our celebration.

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