Sunday, May 17, 2009

The Wealth and Walk of a Christ Follower--“God’s Amazing Guarantee”

Knowledge is a powerful thing. Whether it is knowledge that allows you to get a step up on your competition, or whether is enables you to be successful with your financial investments, or whether it equips you to effectively lead a team of people, knowledge is worth a great deal and is very valuable.

When trying to make a deal with another company, it is very important that you know you are talking with the person who actually has the authority to make a deal. When investing your hard-earned money, you want to know that the person or company is trustworthy and capable of doing what they say they will do.

In our text for this Sunday, we gain some knowledge that can greatly increase our confidence in God and Christ. If we are going to trust Christ with our lives and our futures, knowing what Ephesians 1:9-14 tells us will be very helpful. He does have the authority to make the deals and He is extremely trustworthy and capable of doing what He says he will do. Knowing this enables us to relax with high levels of confidence in God’s plan and Christ’s work.

Serving an amazing God,

Pastor Charlie


  • Blessing #5: God has made known to us His ultimate plan – to place everything under the authority of Christ (v. 9-10).
    • All of heaven - Revelation 5:11-13
    • All people - Philippians 2:10-11
    • All creation itself - Romans 8:20-21
    • In the end God wins!
  • Blessing #6: God has given us His inheritance (v.11).
  • Blessing #7: Believing in Christ is all that is necessary to receive God’s blessings

(v. 13).

  • Blessing #8: God gave us His own Spirit to secure and guarantee all His spiritual blessings (v.13,14).
    • The Holy Spirit is God’s seal, verifying that those in Christ are authentic children/heirs of God.
    • The Holy Spirit is God’s seal signifying ownership of those in Christ.
    • The Holy Spirit is God’s seal providing protection for those in Christ. [The sealing of the Holy Spirit authenticates God’s ownership and protection of those in Christ]
    • The Holy Spirit is God’s deposit that guarantees our inheritance (v.14).

The blessings of Christ

#1 – In Christ, we are made holy and blameless in God’s sight.

#2 - In Christ, we are God’s heirs by adoption.

#3 – In Christ, we are set free from slavery to sin.

#4 – In Christ, we become the target of God’s abundant grace.

#5 – In Christ, we possess a great future with Him as ruler over everything.

#6 – In Christ, God gives us His inheritance.

#7 – In Christ, we receive salvation by trusting in Him.

#8 – In Christ, we are given God’s Spirit which guarantees our inheritance.

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