Sunday, March 15, 2009

Facing the Storms

It was a complete white out. The snow and the wind combined to make it impossible to see more than 5 feet. I could barely see the front end of my car let alone the cars in front of me. I found myself, my wife and a friend in the middle of a huge dangerous snow storm that we neither caused nor realized was coming. Eventually we were able to drive through the storm and arrive safely at home, but there were moments when the lack of visibility and knowledge of the roads direction made me wonder if we were going to make it.

This Sunday I want us to learn some valuable insights from Joseph’s life about dealing with life’s storms. His insights and responses to God and others can teach us a great deal. The way Joseph responded to his brothers after they had treated him with such disdain and had sold him into slavery is incredible. When he could have punished them for what they had done, instead he told them that God had used their evil towards him for God’s greater plan. Joseph’s surrender to God’s plan and control in his life is a lesson we all need.

  • What are the current storms in your life?
  • What role does God have in those storms?
  • How much are you believing in and trusting God in the midst of your storms?

I invite you to bring your storms with you this Sunday and learn some principles that can truly help you deal effectively with those storms and with your life in the midst of those storms.

Genesis 37-45: The Life of Joseph

  • You successfully face the storm when you exercise control rather than passively resign.
  1. You exercise control by staying in the presence of God with your heart devoted to God in spite of the storm.
  2. You exercise control by experiencing the blessing of God in the midst of the storm.
  • You successfully face the storms when you remain committed to God’s values when tempted to compromise.
  • You successfully face the storms when you find meaning and purpose in the storms.
  1. You find meaning and purpose in your storms by reaching out and caring for others.
  2. You find meaning and purpose in your storms when you truly believe God is in charge and has a wonderful plan for your life.

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