Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Truths We Stand Upon

When God created human beings, He shared His own image and likeness with them. This gift makes each individual far too significant to live a brief, solitary life, and then cease to exist. Each human being will exist beyond his or her physical death, to find a destiny in eternity. The gift God gave man also brought with it personal responsibility. Man was given the capacity to choose, and with that capacity the possibility of making wrong, and even disastrous, choices. Sin brought mankind under God’s wrath, for justice demands that sin be punished. Yet human beings were too precious to God to be abandoned, so through Jesus’ suffering and death, God provided salvation for everyone who responds with faith to God’s offer of salvation; “God did not send His Son into the world to condemn the world, but to save the world through Him”(John 3:17). God has acted, at great personal cost, to free every person from the threat of eternal punishment. Only refusal to respond to God’s revelation of Himself can now condemn an individual. The choice of each person’s destiny is his or hers alone.

Our Beliefs
  • GOD is the creator & ruler of the universe
  • JESUS CHRIST is the son of God & the only Savior for humanity
  • THE HOLY SPIRIT is God's presence in every believer's life.
  • THE BIBLE is God's written word.
  • PEOPLE are God's supreme creation, but are separated from God by sin.
  • SALVATION is God's free gift to every person who received Jesus Christ.
  • ETERNITY consists of either living with God in heaven, or apart from Go in hell.

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