Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Fight, Part 2

Many years ago my family lived along Stark Street in Portland, Oregon -- a street very similar to Carson Street here in Torrance . At that time my father had a job that required him to leave at around 3 a.m . One morning as he was getting ready, he heard a man screaming. He stepped outside and saw a man running down the middle of the street with an animal chasing him. My dad grabbed a tire iron and ran out in the middle of the street just in time to club the animal, killing it. It was a sewer rat -- a very large sewer rat. Rats live off of garbage. Sewer rats have such a huge buffet of garbage that they can grow very large and can be very dangerous.

Demons are like rats. They go where the garbage is. One of their most effective means of defrauding and destroying people is to deceive people into thinking that garbage is NOT garbage, that sin is NOT sin or at least not very harmful. But in fact, it is the very sin in our lives that gives Satan and his team opportunities to create havoc and misery.

The Bible says Satan is like a roaring lion seeking someone to devour. He is also like a sewer rat, running after us on the road of life trying to do whatever damage he can.

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