Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Wealth and Walk of a Christ Follower: “God’s Eulogy of Us”

Once in a while we hear the story of an elderly person who passed away with only a few possessions, or so everyone thought. But after their death, it was discovered that they actually were very wealthy. And we all wonder why they did not enjoy their wealth while they were alive.

On occasion I have dreamed that that elderly person would be my dad. Now, my father, who is still alive, he is only eighty years old, is a great person. He has a heart of gold and was a great parent for me in my growing up years. But my dad has very few possessions, thus my dream. Now, I can reassure you that there is no way my dad is secretly wealthy.

As we look at Ephesians (chapter one) this Sunday, we begin with this profound truth: those who are followers of Christ actually are wealthy. I think Paul talks about this because many of us are secretly wealthy. Not only is it a secret to others, but it is a secret to us. We have no idea how wealthy we are, so Paul attempts to explain some of this wealth we possess.

If my father suddenly revealed to me and my siblings that he was actually a millionaire, I think we would all faint. So I am warning you upfront – no fainting this Sunday.

(emphasis added by editor)

  • God has declared that followers of Christ are of great value to Him. [Praise/blessed = eulogy: to speak well of]
  • God has given the followers of Christ all His blessings.
  • God’s blessings are for us and not the material world: “in the heavenly realms”
  • We are not our bodies.
  • We view life from a non-material eternal perspective.
  • God’s blessings for us are obtained in Christ.

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