Saturday, January 29, 2011

Where should I worship God?

John 4:19-26

Each Person Actively Expressing a Heart of Worship for Jesus Christ

Worship: reverence, homage, honor, to declare worth, to bow down, to prostrate oneself, to kiss the hand

  • God wants you to worship Him – “worshippers God seeks” 2 Chronicles 16:9
    • God’s first 4 commands are about worshipping Him (Exodus 20)
    • God gives details instructions on building the place of worship – the tabernacle
    • (Exodus 25-31)
    • God gives details instructions on the offerings necessary for them to worship him
    • (Leviticus 1-7)
    • Our primary response to God for all he has done for us is sacrificial worship. Romans 12:1
    • A key purpose of our spiritual transformation is to worship God 1 Peter 2:5; Psalm 95:6,7
  • God wants you to actively express spirit-engaged worship (‘spirit’ refers to the "soul" or the "heart.")
    • Spirit engaged worship involves the emotions. Psalm 100
    • Spirit engaged worship means genuine sincere worship Isaiah 29:13
  • God wants you to actively express truth driven worship Psalm 29:1,2;  John 14:6; John 8:31,31; Isaiah 29:13
  • Worship Myths
    • Myth #1: Worship is when we talk about God
      • Truth: Worship is when we encounter God Psalm 95:6; Psalm 100:2; John 10:27-28
    • Myth #2: Worship must be conducted in a certain style
      • Truth: Worship can occur with a variety of styles.
    • Myth #3: Good worship happens when I am pleased
      • Truth: Good Worship happens when God is pleased Ephesians 5:10
    • Myth #4: Worship is a spectator activity
      • Truth: Worship requires participation
    • Myth #5: Worship is dependent on the good music and a good sermon
      • Truth: Worship is dependent upon the heart and mind
    • Myth #6: Worship is restricted to a Church Building
      • Truth: Worship can happen at any place on any day Psalm 24:1
  • A Sinful Women Worships Luke 7:36-50
    • She displays an attitude of reverence for God (vs38,44-46) Hebrews 12:28
    • She displays an attitude of humility and repentance (vs. 37-38)
    • She displays an attitude of love (v40-47)
    • She displays a longing to be in Jesus’ presence Psalm 42:1,2; Psalm 27:4; Psalm 63:1,2; Psalm 95:6-7

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