Sunday, February 15, 2009

Water Walker, Part 2

Have you ever experienced fear? Of course you have. We all have. In fact, psychologists tell us that fear is a primal emotion of every person. What Peter feared at the moment was the realistic danger of drowning. It is very likely that Peter had known fishermen who had drowned. So his fear was not unreasonable. What do you fear? What hurt in your past causes you to fear in the present? Probably some of your fears are also very reasonable.

The problem is that whether our fears are reasonable or not, they still block our faith from growing. They distract us from focusing and believing in Jesus. They keep us from continuing to experience God’s amazing power working in our lives.

So I ask you, what fears in your life are causing you to sink? After Jesus rescued Peter He asked him, "where is your faith?" Peter's fear told Jesus his faith was weak right then. In what areas of your life is your faith weak today? I encourage you to bring those fears before God's throne right now, asking God to help you overcome those fears; to rescue you from them like He did Peter from the water. Like the father of a demon-possessed son who said to Jesus, "I believe, help my unbelief;" you can say to God, I have faith, help me with my fear.

  • Water-Walkers Expect Problems.
  • Water-Walkers Accept Fear As The Price Of Growth.
  • Water-Walkers Manage Their Failures.
  • Water-Walkers See Failure As An Opportunity To Grow.
  • Water-Walkers Learn To Wait On The Lord.
  • Water-Walking Brings A Deeper Connection With God.

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